whittington heath Golf Club

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Case Study - Whittington Heath

The Brief
Following the announcement of the new HS2 Proposal, Whittington Golf Course had to programme the rebuild and remodel of their existing course. The Client requested the development of a new clubhouse, car park and access road to support the redevelopment of the Club.

RPH Surfacing was awarded the contract for the redevelopment of the surrounding surfacing requirements and was briefed on how crucial the programming of the project would be to help minimise the amount of disruption to the existing members and help to ensure that the Club could be re-opened on schedule.

This project required the complete construction of asphalt from the bottom sub-base layer to the top layer of the surface course. Prior to commencement, the team discussed the overall phasing of the project with the Client, helping to ensure that crucial deadlines were adhered to. Over the course of 3 weeks an area of 12,000m2 was covered with 6,500 tonnes of material being laid. The site was completed as scheduled and the Client was satisfied with the work undertaken.


Sector - Commercial

Duration - 3 Weeks

Location - Chesterfield

Area - 12,000m2

Project Materials

  • 50mm AC 0/20 Dense Binder Course and 20mm AC 0/6 Dense Surface Course (footpaths)
  • 150mm AC 0/32 Dense Base Course, 60mm AC 0/20 Dense Binder Course & 40mm HRA 55/10 Type F Surface Course (access road and car park)

Project Management

RPH Surfacing managed the project in coordination with the client and other contractors

Plant and Machinery

Dynapac SD500ws Pavers
Hamm HD14 Roller
JCB 3XC Compact Digger

Area & Material

An area of 12,000m2 was covered, with 6,500 tonnes of materials being used in total


RPH Surfacing supplied all the labour for the project, with a fully resourced crew of 20 operatives

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